Penang’s Voodoo Lily (Armophophallus prainii, കാട് ചേന)

On a recent hike in the greater Penang Hill region, I stumbled upon rather alien looking plant. A long tongue sticking out of a lily like vase. A whole clump of about a dozen of them in full bloom!  On a quick internet search and a tip from my friend Peter, I was  found out that it was the Voodoo Lily (Armophophallus prainii). Not too sure how common they are in Penang, but this was my first time seeing them in about 13 years hiking the hills of Penang! They are related to a more well known cash crop, the Elephant Foot Yam (ചേന) which is a tropical tuber crop grown across South Asia.

It is not often that you come across something as alien as this, so enjoy the photo of these uniquely shaped flowers.




Don’t normally take photos with flowers, but when I do, its a Voodoo Lily!