Hidden beauty of Hutan Simpan Kekal Pasir Panjang

Hidden away in a corner of south west Penang is the little known hill of Bukit Pulau Betong (360m), and an even lesser known forest reserve, Hutan Simpan Kekal Pasir Panjang (Pasir Panjang Permanent Forest Reserve) on its peak.


Approximate location of Bukit Pulau Betong

Decades if not centuries of farming have rendered most of the hills in the southern and middle belt of Penang, devoid of natural vegetation. In a sea of farms and orchards, Hutan Simpan Kekal Pasir Panjang is one of the few virgin jungles which have stood the tests of time and survived to tell the tale. This post takes a look at what’s inside this hidden gem of the southern hills.


Only 33 hectares


Forests of the Southern Penang


Towering Dipterocarps dominate the skyline


A rare opening in the canopy


Bukit Pulau Betong Peak is marked with a Summit Stone.


A good hiking trip is never complete without good company!


I call this pair the Meranti Sisters




4 thoughts on “Hidden beauty of Hutan Simpan Kekal Pasir Panjang

  1. Alarming to see so many dead trees. It is not supposed to be like this, cos trees are supposed to live longer, much longer.

    • Perhaps my photos might have a higher percentage of dead trees in it however the forests in this area are pretty healthy to begin with. Though they are quite small in comparison to ones in the northern reaches of the island

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