Bukit Relau 2016

3 years on, we Penangites have not forgotten the destruction that has wrought Bukit Relau. Many have claimed that the destruction has got much worse with an ever growing bald patch while some others hold to the contrary and say migitation work is being done. Lets just take a look at what’s happening, three years after this fiasco hit our front pages.

5 minutes before the Bukit Relau path. A year ago,this place used to be green and leafy, with a small stream flowing underneath the unpaved dirt road. Now…


More shots of the clearing before the Bukit Relau junction.3

The stream has been dammed, and the water is barely flowing.


What remains of the once clear stream


The road up to Bukit Relau. And yes, as many have said, it was expanded and become much bigger than when works began.


The dirt road has been replaced with a semi cemented one.

7 (2)

As you go much higher along the road a good view of Gelugor can be seen.


More shrubs have started to grow on the higher slopes,but in other parts the slope still remains bare.




Mitigation works are being done but does it suffice?

11 (2)

Drains have been built to aid flow of water and prevent land slips


Parts of the mitigation work on the slope.


Bukit Relau is infamous for its steep and sharp gullies. Even before the development of the hill began in 2013, hiking this hill was indeed a challenge.


Boulders are everywhere.


Effects of stripping the land bare of vegetation.