Rare Penang Slipper Orchid in Full Bloom! The Jewel of Penang’s Forests

Following my discovery of the Penang Slipper Orchid Colony in December 2014, I made a point to at least track down and see this orchid in full bloom. Finally after 7 months the wait is over. One plant in the colony was caught in full bloom. Enjoy the pictures!


Almost invisible to the common eye._2



Sheltered under the shade of the Pandanus plant.


Slipper Orchids are knows as “Slipper” Orchids because of their shoe shaped flowers.




A thriving colony. Young Slipper Orchids everywhere


On the rock by the river.
_10 _12

Selfie with the rarest plant.
Seductive. Enchanting. Captivating._15 _20


May she remain sheltered from the threats of development and the greed of collectors.