Hike:Mount Olivia

Distance: 1.70KM (Up to Mount Olivia Peak)

Time: 45-50 minutes

Mount Olivia is one of the lesser peaks in the Penang Hill Range. Named after Sir Stamford Raffles’ wife,Olivia,this 260 meter hill can be seen on your right as you enter the Botanic Gardens.

ImageMount Olivia

ImageMap of the trail,though this account only desribes the first part of the trail up to Mount Olivia

The trail starts 500-600 meters before the Penang Botanic Gardens Entrance. You would be able to see a small bridge going over to your right as you approach the Botanic Gardens.Its before the MNS and Friends of the Botanic Gardens building.(Opposite the road from Moon Gate). Park your car nearby and you can start off by crossing the bridge.

ImageCross the Bridge.


The path starts of right after the bridge.You’ll be able to see a small trail right after the bridge marked with Hash Papers.The starting point might be overgrown at times but it is no worry as the trail is well marked and easy to follow further in.

ImageThe starting Point of the trail.Overgrown when we used it.

Apart from a few fallen trees along the way,the trail is generally quite easy to follow.As you continue climbing up,you should come across a small junction after 20-25 minutes (0.90KM).The right fork goes down to Forest Field Apartment near the Botanic Gardens while another path continues up.Take the upward path.

ImageThe Junction is marked

Continue your way up,and within the next 10 minutes you should be standing upon the lesser peak of Mount Olivia.If you look around you would see bricks,probably used by Scouts who camped in the area.Take a short rest here and take the right fork down.This right fork will go downhill before climbing uphill to the real Mount Olivia peak.

ImageFallen Trees along the trail.

ImageBricks atop Mount Olivia’s lesser peak.

ImageMount Olivia peak.

At Mount Olivia’s peak you have an option of either continuing down the same way or continuing  to Lily Pond,46,Mount Erskine or even Penang Hill.If you wish to continue to 46,go straight ahead along the path after the Olivia peak and after 10 minutes of steep descent you’ll come across a junction.The left turning goes down to Lily Pond while the right turning takes you to 46.ImageHuge trees atop Mount Olivia

Within 2 minutes of taking this right turning,the path opens up to a wide tarmac path.Take the left turning and continue straight ahead.You should reach 46 via the Penang Waterfall stream within 40-50 minutes from here.Image Left to Lily Pond.Right to 46.ImageTake this path to 46ImageLooking down at Tanjung BungahImageTeik QuarryImageA very steep detour from the main trail leads you down to the Penang Waterfall.The trail down to this waterfall is NOT described in this account.

ImageCloser look at the Penang Waterfall.